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A very attractive animation featuring Rango, the lizard.
So, as you could find out from the above line, Rango is a lizard. More than that, he's a lizard who got lost in the dessert (actually, he was lost by his owner). An alone lizard in the dessert. A very likely dying lizard in the dessert. However, he's one of the cutest and lonely lizards from out there. For me, the movie was a must see. The theater was full and they were very much entertained. Rango is a bad-ass sheriff who is there to fight for the rights of his fellows. A hero who fights against the system even if the system is the one who puts him there. He is the law, and he makes order without concerning about his job. The domestic lizard Rango faces the evil and malefic dessert. He embarks a quest to get water into the town. As the movie progresses, he gets up for the job and done it affecting the local mayor who is stopping water for control and for prospecting the land. Rango's adventure gets a happy ending by making the job done.
But the lizard...he's goin' to die.
The story takes you in a unique universe of th wild west. It has all the western characters, farmers, bad boys, saloon, gold diggers. The atmosphere is intense, because the village in which Rango enters is lacking a sheriff. Rango, who is a terrarium chameleon, has to make a name for himself. He is used to acting because he exercises with his toy fish. After being introduced in the Dirt town by the Beans, he scares away the bad guys ruled by Bad Bill, of course, with some help from a red tailed hawk and an accidentally collapsed water tower. Afterwards, he became the sheriff of Dirt town. He is put to investigate the lack of water reserves. In his adventure, he defeats remarkable foes like Balthazar, the leader of moles and other subterranean creatures, Rattlesnake Jake, who is the greatest terror for Dirt citizens. He finally resolves the puzzle, finding that the city Mayor is a landowner who really wants to buy all the land in order to build a city.
The story and the hook-ups are beautifully inserted in this western-like animation. Johnny Depp is one of the guarantees of the fact that you will enjoy the movie. He collaborated well with Gore Verbinski, who also directed the first three Pirates of Caribbean movies, and with Graham King, the producer.
Altogether, this is a great animation with great details, thanks to the animation crew and a well build story. Enjoy your watching.


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