Game of Thrones Season 7

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Wow that was fast. I mean they must have new robotic crows that travel with light speed. Also those dragons I mean common they can burn whatever they want and no one can harm them ... ohh uhh the Night King can.
Well I don't want to give any spoilers for those who didn't see it. But wow that was fast everything happens a bit to fast for your mind to comprehend the magnitude of the world that encloses this story.
I wanted much more, nice castles, full length episodes of battles, a lot of sex scenes(that's why we started watching this movie right, sex and violence) what we get is nice acting from Kit and his curved ass. Yes the season finale is all about his ass. The dimension of the world R.R. Martin created is to big to be comprehended by HBO and it's producers.
Still worthy to watch ... I mean really after watching 6 seasons are you going to stop now? See the end of the story, but this seasons is not surpassing episodes like Red Wedding or Battle of Bastards.
Also I think that the dead army is slow as hell. I mean turtles go faster than them I still don't understand what were they waiting for to happen all this season.
I think that dead army wanted to recruit Rickon in it and teach him to zig-zag!!!



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Baseball means only money and running from base to base. For this review I will try a new perspective.
The producer of this movie is no other than the star Brad Pitt, who doesn't need any other introduction.
Brad plays the role of a failed baseball player that became the general manager of Oakland Athletics, a small baseball club with an thigh budget that lost in state semifinals a lot.