Black Swan

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One of the most anticipated movie I wanted to see, especially for Darren Aronofsky as he is an eccentric and overwhelming director. Aronofsky created a masterpiece and thus he deserves all the praise in the world.
The movie has a strong psychological effect. The transformation of a white swan into the most astonishing Black Swan. Nina was a beautiful ballet dancer, with a strong character and perfect moves, just what a white swan needs. Due to her inability to let go her emotions and feelings, she thinks she lost the lead role in Swan Lake theater play. That is until she met Lilly, who triggers the transformation. Lilly was the kind of dancer with strong attitude and charisma, something that Nina didn't have.Thomas, the director of the play introduces Lily and Nina and by doing so, he created a competition worth watching between the two.
Natalie Portman is at her best in this movie. From what I read, she took ballet lessons for this role. She is in the spotlight right now. This role has brought her an Oscar and world's appreciation. "What for?" you might ask. I can tell you for what, the movie touched me deep inside my soul; Nina the lead role actress created a great atmosphere and made you watch the movie with great emotions.
As I said, the movie has everything from horror to love scenes. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman together, sharing the bed, was indeed an unexpected turn of events. Aronofsky made0 sure to surprise you with the evolution of his characters. Creating a Black Swan out of a White Swan is the main focus of the movie.
The ending was a great set-up. Nothing to tell more, but go see this movie. It worth every penny.


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