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Baseball means only money and running from base to base. For this review I will try a new perspective.
The producer of this movie is no other than the star Brad Pitt, who doesn't need any other introduction.
Brad plays the role of a failed baseball player that became the general manager of Oakland Athletics, a small baseball club with an thigh budget that lost in state semifinals a lot.

He has the responsibility of filling the gaps after his star players left for bigger contracts. In his search for a good deal, he finds Jonah Hill, the star from Take him to the Greek.
So Jonah plays his role well, getting to Brad in his own Yale style. Now here was I blown away. The reason: Jonah didn't have anything to do with baseball; he had it all with the math and stuff but he never played. All of a sudden, he is the general manager assistant. Of course, this was not an acclaimed decision by the Oakland Athletics staff.

To be more specific, by writing statistics during the matches, Brad and Jonah are trying to win the championship. However, they did succeed in braking the record of most wins in a row and taking it to 20. That is when I realized that Brad wasn't looking for the champion ring, or at least he didn't do it, but instead he looking into developing a better baseball management, a method to avoid youth players to be drafter without a proper knowledge of their potential. So he wasn't looking for the champions ring and he wasn't looking for money, he refused the offer of 12.5 million dollars a season from Boston Red Sox, he was, instead, looking for a better future for the youth. He does that so players like him wouldn't be drafted and ignored instead of sucking out of them all their potential.

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