The Adjustment Bureau

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Do you think that somebody controls the world? Do you think that there are some forces guiding the development of the world? Do you think that there is someone there to provide a controlled development of our society? Have you ever thought that we are just some pieces in a big puzzle and somebody calmly rules us?
This movie is all about that. The daily adjustments that are made in our life in order to miss an important meeting so that we could fail our business. The adjustments needed to add a little control in the planet's life and in our society life.
The movie is already described in the introduction and the story is fascinating and that is just because the unseen people from "The adjustment Bureau" are seen by the ones who doesn't have to see them, only because an adjustment agent doesn't do his job right.
Everything goes along a love story between David Norris and Elise Sellas, who are kept apart for the sake of United states, David being a future president, but only if he doesn't get involved in a relationship with Elise. However, the complex story is a not to tell in a few lines, you need to see the movie with your own eyes.
Both Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are playing their characters as instructed by George Nolfi, who makes his debut with this movie as a director. My very own personal opinion is that he made a great debut with this fantasy inspired movie. He made a great deal of work taking Philip Dick's short story and expanding it into this screenplay. The brain melting idea of creating this bigger force, which controls the world by making this small adjustments, for things to work as they should, is just a great come up. You need to see the movie to really understand how things really work.


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