The Rum Diary

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I don't want to spoil this movie. I want it to offer you the same as it offered me, a wonderful and enjoyable evening.
Instead of giving snaps from the movie I want to say something about Deep (in this movie of course). He is great, from the morning to the evening he is great. His acting is improving on the course of the movie. Even though I hail him for the role he played in Pirates of the Caribbean, honestly he made the movie by himself. This happens with "The Rum Diary" too.
The movie is based on the novel with the same name from Hunter S. Thompson (yes, he is the same writer who wrote "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", also starring Johnny Deep). It can be seen as a resemblance between this movie and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by removing drugs and adding alcohol and removing Las Vegas and adding Puerto Rico.The movie is full of funny quotes and scenes, I for one laughed my heart out. And I recommend Bruce Robinson's movie to everyone.
Enjoy the trailer.



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Kirsten Dunst is naked, Lars von Trier is again sick and thus, together, they made a beautiful movie.
The movie has two parts and they are both created in Lars unique style. You've probably read that the movie is about a planet that destroys the earth (Armageddon in the Scandinavian style). The movie has a few threads so it's easy to watch and understand, because the pace is slow.
There are some key scenes to watch in during the movie and that attracted me mostly. One in which Justine sees the planet; she is patient at first, but I think the scene has one of the biggest influence through the movie. Another scene is when she is found making a nude tan at the planet's light by her sister. Somehow, Justine gets her energy from the planet cause the scene really troubles me, and one of the most unexpected scenes is when Michael notices that the planet is not just a "fly by" and it's actually coming back. He is later found dead by Clair his wife.
If the world should ever end and catch me alive I would like to have the same ending like the characters in this movie had.