The Woman in Black

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Daniel Radcliffe will start in a new novel based movie, called The Woman in Black. The first adaptation of Susan Hill's book was made by Herbert Wise in 1989, with Adrian Rawlins in the lead role.

However the movie stars Harry Potter's main character, Daniel Radcliffe on his real name, and, considering his fans, he should maintain at least the same level of acting. He has the advantage of already playing in a book based movies. The trailer presents a mystery, a horror movie.

The movie has a promising story, that focuses on a young solicitor, Arthur Kipps, who is invited at the funerals of Mrs Alice Drablow, a lonely and isolated widow, who lived alone in Eeel Marsh House. A house haunted by a woman called Jennet, who gave her son to the Drablows and never revealed her true identity to him. She actually is the Woman in Black that appears until Arthur Kipps settles the affair. However, it is rumored that seeing the Woman in Black meant that a death of a child would follow.

After the main character returns to London, he marries Stella and has a child. He sees the Woman in Black again bringing the death of his child and after ten month his wife perishes saying that the Woman in Black has had her vengeance.

Enjoy the trailer.


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