There will be Blood

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A movie that keeps you connected for it's entire length. A multiple layered piece of artistic work. It includes all things that make a good movie. The director, Paul Thomas Anderson, creates a perfect mix of family, greed and religion as seen in the early days of oil prospecting.
Paul Thomas Anderson depicts a perfect atmosphere of short breathtaking shots and scenes of great intensity that surprise the violent way of doing business. The movie star Daniel Day-Lewis, plays his character Daniel Plainview in a theatrical way, very much resembling with Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York. His role is a very well played one; as a salesman he had to be a showman in order to sell, the way he used his "son" to manipulate the landowners being emblematic.
Daniel Day-Lewis prepares himself for his roles in such a manner that the audience is likely to be impressed. He began to study so much his character that he became a "Plainview" in his real life, 24/7. For the Plainview character Daniel's family was with him all the time, nearly went crazy with this role and having Plainview around all the time, the kids thought it was a laugh at the end to have this different bloke as their dad. Daniel stated that:
"My wife is amazingly tolerant. I knew that from the word go. She just believes, like I do, that if you are attempting anything of creative nature, no rules apply"
The hardest thing for Daniel Day-Lewis is to get out of his character after his work has succeeded. You may ask if this is the key to success? To train yourself and enter your character's life 24/7? I say he already answered that question by receiving an Oscar for this perfect impersonation of Plainview.
The Oil machine he creates is cruel and doesn't care about humans or humanity at all. He only cares about making money and attaining profit, like any corporation nowadays. The importance of profit for Mr. Plainview is causing his loneliness and avoidance, even his "son" giving up and fleeing to create his own oil company. The end finds him dead drunk, killing an inoffensive false prophet with a bowling pin.
The movie is a must to watch for the art it represents. It doesn't have a strong story to tell and you often get bored of the common drilling actions that the movie presents. The character worth watching is Daniel Plainview, who creates the magic; he is "la piece de resistance" of this movie. Even when he drinks whisky he makes it with style.


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