Sherlock Holmes

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It's a great and enjoyable adventure with a little bit of everything. It's a great movie directed by Guy Richie. I don't know why, but I like this director's movies; RockNRolla is a movie that just doesn't get out of my mind and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels also.
Now talking about Sherlock the great detective, the kind of person who comes up with conclusions even from your smell, or your clothes' smell. He is ingenious and he truely deserves the say "Good work Sherlock". The fictional detective was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and he soon became the most famous fictive detective of our times. Surprisingly or not, the movie is not based on one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. The writer prepared the famous detective for saving England.
The story is good, special effects are great and lot of work has been done inducting the viewer into the specific times. I was really impressed by the final battle that took place on the London Bridge scaffolding. The detective rose up to his name and solved the magical puzzle set up by Lord Blackwood, who meant to destroy the England House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Robert Downey Jr. is a one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, he also played in Zodiac and Iron Man. He is the one that carries this movie along, his interpretation of the obsessed detective is absolutely fabulous. You need lots of nerves to play in imaginary playgrounds and notice every detail of them.
Jude Law is not as remarkable as Robert, but he is worthy of appreciations in some scenes. I remember the look on his face when Sherlock tells him a lot of intimate details about his wife, and I really felt his anger in that scene.
All in all, Guy Ritchie has done, as before, a great job. And he also brought the Sherlock Holmes sequel into post production. As for me, I am dying to see the sequel.



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The movie will hit the theater in September. The film is produced and directed by the experienced director Steven Soderbergh who is known for the Ocean's series, Traffic and Che. In my opinion, he can handle this kind of movie. The movie is all about a deadly disease that is transmitted through simple contact, and a team of doctors gathered from all over the world is assembled to find the cure. And from what you can spot out off the trailer, Thomas Emhoff's (Matt Damon) wife dies because of this disease and the result of it is that a team of doctors tries to save the world.
The movie has everything it's needed to make it great. Good story, bunch of stars: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, an experienced director and a good title.
Enjoy the trailer.


The Adjustment Bureau

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Do you think that somebody controls the world? Do you think that there are some forces guiding the development of the world? Do you think that there is someone there to provide a controlled development of our society? Have you ever thought that we are just some pieces in a big puzzle and somebody calmly rules us?
This movie is all about that. The daily adjustments that are made in our life in order to miss an important meeting so that we could fail our business. The adjustments needed to add a little control in the planet's life and in our society life.
The movie is already described in the introduction and the story is fascinating and that is just because the unseen people from "The adjustment Bureau" are seen by the ones who doesn't have to see them, only because an adjustment agent doesn't do his job right.
Everything goes along a love story between David Norris and Elise Sellas, who are kept apart for the sake of United states, David being a future president, but only if he doesn't get involved in a relationship with Elise. However, the complex story is a not to tell in a few lines, you need to see the movie with your own eyes.
Both Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are playing their characters as instructed by George Nolfi, who makes his debut with this movie as a director. My very own personal opinion is that he made a great debut with this fantasy inspired movie. He made a great deal of work taking Philip Dick's short story and expanding it into this screenplay. The brain melting idea of creating this bigger force, which controls the world by making this small adjustments, for things to work as they should, is just a great come up. You need to see the movie to really understand how things really work.


London Boulevard

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The director and writer Wiliam Monahan created a twisted movie based on the novel of Ken Bruen. Together with Colin Farrel, he created a cold blood gangster movie. What surprised me from the beginning of the movie was the lack of smiling on Colin Farrel's face. In fact, the only time he laughs, is at his friend's funeral.
From the beginning, the viewer is induced in a cool transition that captivates him and prepares him for the story to come. Mitchel is a former prisoner who is released again on the ruthless streets of London. He has a good criminal reputation so he is haunted by some big criminals in order to do their job. However, he looks pretty decided to being a good guy life and to give up on his life of crime. But the trick is that nothing goes the way it's planned.

Colin Farrel is making a terrific acting. He is a piece in the puzzle. I can't think of a better actor who could be the lead role of this movie. He is cold when he needs to be, he is warm and acts like it, he is very confident in every aspect of his playing. He turned into a great actor and you can clearly see this.

Another thing I want to say is about the former Pirates of Caribbean star, Keira Knightley, who is playing Charlotte, a cinema star, who hires Mitchel for keeping paparazzi away from her. She is doing a great job even if she appears in very few but essential scenes and she does it with great grace and confidence.
The movie has everything a gangster movie needs, brutal deaths, lack of humanity and mercy and most of all, the element of surprise, which is present all around the movie thanks to it's great director, Wiliam Monahan.
I challenge you to see this movie no telling the very last important scene, but I will spoil something... you won't know what hit you after the last scene.


The Woman in Black

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Daniel Radcliffe will start in a new novel based movie, called The Woman in Black. The first adaptation of Susan Hill's book was made by Herbert Wise in 1989, with Adrian Rawlins in the lead role.

However the movie stars Harry Potter's main character, Daniel Radcliffe on his real name, and, considering his fans, he should maintain at least the same level of acting. He has the advantage of already playing in a book based movies. The trailer presents a mystery, a horror movie.

The movie has a promising story, that focuses on a young solicitor, Arthur Kipps, who is invited at the funerals of Mrs Alice Drablow, a lonely and isolated widow, who lived alone in Eeel Marsh House. A house haunted by a woman called Jennet, who gave her son to the Drablows and never revealed her true identity to him. She actually is the Woman in Black that appears until Arthur Kipps settles the affair. However, it is rumored that seeing the Woman in Black meant that a death of a child would follow.

After the main character returns to London, he marries Stella and has a child. He sees the Woman in Black again bringing the death of his child and after ten month his wife perishes saying that the Woman in Black has had her vengeance.

Enjoy the trailer.



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A very attractive animation featuring Rango, the lizard.
So, as you could find out from the above line, Rango is a lizard. More than that, he's a lizard who got lost in the dessert (actually, he was lost by his owner). An alone lizard in the dessert. A very likely dying lizard in the dessert. However, he's one of the cutest and lonely lizards from out there. For me, the movie was a must see. The theater was full and they were very much entertained. Rango is a bad-ass sheriff who is there to fight for the rights of his fellows. A hero who fights against the system even if the system is the one who puts him there. He is the law, and he makes order without concerning about his job. The domestic lizard Rango faces the evil and malefic dessert. He embarks a quest to get water into the town. As the movie progresses, he gets up for the job and done it affecting the local mayor who is stopping water for control and for prospecting the land. Rango's adventure gets a happy ending by making the job done.
But the lizard...he's goin' to die.
The story takes you in a unique universe of th wild west. It has all the western characters, farmers, bad boys, saloon, gold diggers. The atmosphere is intense, because the village in which Rango enters is lacking a sheriff. Rango, who is a terrarium chameleon, has to make a name for himself. He is used to acting because he exercises with his toy fish. After being introduced in the Dirt town by the Beans, he scares away the bad guys ruled by Bad Bill, of course, with some help from a red tailed hawk and an accidentally collapsed water tower. Afterwards, he became the sheriff of Dirt town. He is put to investigate the lack of water reserves. In his adventure, he defeats remarkable foes like Balthazar, the leader of moles and other subterranean creatures, Rattlesnake Jake, who is the greatest terror for Dirt citizens. He finally resolves the puzzle, finding that the city Mayor is a landowner who really wants to buy all the land in order to build a city.
The story and the hook-ups are beautifully inserted in this western-like animation. Johnny Depp is one of the guarantees of the fact that you will enjoy the movie. He collaborated well with Gore Verbinski, who also directed the first three Pirates of Caribbean movies, and with Graham King, the producer.
Altogether, this is a great animation with great details, thanks to the animation crew and a well build story. Enjoy your watching.