London Boulevard

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The director and writer Wiliam Monahan created a twisted movie based on the novel of Ken Bruen. Together with Colin Farrel, he created a cold blood gangster movie. What surprised me from the beginning of the movie was the lack of smiling on Colin Farrel's face. In fact, the only time he laughs, is at his friend's funeral.
From the beginning, the viewer is induced in a cool transition that captivates him and prepares him for the story to come. Mitchel is a former prisoner who is released again on the ruthless streets of London. He has a good criminal reputation so he is haunted by some big criminals in order to do their job. However, he looks pretty decided to being a good guy life and to give up on his life of crime. But the trick is that nothing goes the way it's planned.

Colin Farrel is making a terrific acting. He is a piece in the puzzle. I can't think of a better actor who could be the lead role of this movie. He is cold when he needs to be, he is warm and acts like it, he is very confident in every aspect of his playing. He turned into a great actor and you can clearly see this.

Another thing I want to say is about the former Pirates of Caribbean star, Keira Knightley, who is playing Charlotte, a cinema star, who hires Mitchel for keeping paparazzi away from her. She is doing a great job even if she appears in very few but essential scenes and she does it with great grace and confidence.
The movie has everything a gangster movie needs, brutal deaths, lack of humanity and mercy and most of all, the element of surprise, which is present all around the movie thanks to it's great director, Wiliam Monahan.
I challenge you to see this movie no telling the very last important scene, but I will spoil something... you won't know what hit you after the last scene.


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