Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

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I just wonder what Harry Potter didn't have. Maybe I was to excited about seeing this movie. At an 'overall' level I was dis-hearted.
The movie didn't impress me with anything. Of course, it has all the magic stuff that the other parts had, but what the hell, it doesn't have the touch of a maestro. I just laughed at how stupid it looks when Ron kissed Hermione; I wanted maybe more, I wanted an epic and glossy kiss, and even if I'm not a real director, what I want from a movie is entertainment, something that this movie has not.
I don't know how a battle between wizards should look, but even Dragon Age has better mage fighting than Harry Potter. Nothing spectacular, just a great deja vu and expectancy. As a viewer, I want the the movie to keep me connected to the action, to make me feel that I don't want to leave the cinema until it ends. I think that the movie deserved a better acting, a better directing and a better created story. The movie has no pace.
I lived my adolescence with this series and more than anything I'm upset that the series ended. I loved the main characters Harry, Ron and Hermione and I'll always be their dedicated fan.
In this movie Harry Potter, the key character of the story is played by . Honestly, I'we seen him perform better along the series, but he's a grown up man now and he was only a child in other series. I don't know if he knew back in 2001 when he joined the series that he will earn £60 millions; now he knows it, and I further think that he will be very influenced by this amount of money throughout his career. I am eager to think that his acting career is the work of his mother, who is an casting agent.
Hermione Granger hasn't got the quality of what she has shown in previous movies. We are all used to her being a dork kid, who always has the answers, but she is decisive in escaping the Wizarding Bank Gringotts. However, Emma Watson is playing it plain and smooth, she is confident in her acting skills and she really induces strong feelings in others acting by her side. The series made her rich but with a modest sum of £10 milion, more than enough to get her up on high heels. This movie completed a milestone in Emma Watson carrer.
Ron Weasley, is one of the key characters in this last act. He surprises Hermione with his hidden wisdom and courage. However the two of them should have been more romantic in their only kiss, for it is decisive in opening the Chamber of Secrets for finding the basilik tooth. Rupert Grint is a strong actor, he also played in other movies while he played in Harry Potter, but that didn't stopped him from playing the role with all his hearth.
As an overview, I found the movie worth seeing only if you are a great fan and want to see the ending of the story. I was not an ignorant of the movie, for I have seen all parts at the time of their appearance and also I reviewed all of them before this one last part. So I wasn't introduced in the world of Harry Potter just now, but for a long time ago. I have to congratulate everybody for making the movie possible and for resolving the conflicts in it.
The director, David Yates, done a good job but he could have increased the pace a little, in order to make the movie more spectacular; in the same idea, the attack of Valdemort's adepts should have been a little more intense and the movie should have concentrated a lot more on the battles betwen Valdemort's troops and the wizards at the school. I don't think that the movie is a bad one, I only think that it lacks polishes in some aspects to make the audience less bored.
However, it is an epic end for the Harry Potter novel writen by J.K. Rowling. She really created an intense introduction in the fantastic world of wizards and spells. She created the world of wizards and she was involved in most of the scenes created by the studios. Great work everybody.


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