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Entertainment is the key word of this movie.
Carlos Saldanha, Earl Richey Jones and Todd Jones created one perfect happy ending story. Even if kids are the targeted audience for this movie, I was expecting something different in comparison to Ice Age, or Robots but I received the same good jokes and good joy. I really like the work of Carlos Saldanha, he knows how to make animation become good work. He considers that the creation of the Rio animation was build around working hard and having hard fun. He likes creating movies for kids that are enjoyed by the grown ups too, so that both parents and kids to walk into the theater and have fun.
The Rio movie is created around a colorful skeet, you can see the color in characters and environment but also in music, because samba is a very specific dance that brings out the colors of Rio de Janeiro peoples during their famous festival. The scenario is build around rescuing the Azore Parrot species.
'Azore meaning blue'
Blue is the color of the sky. Often the sky means escape, but you can't escape into the sky if you don't know how to fly. So, our main character doesn't know how to fly, and keeps coming up with the explanation that ostriches don't fly; as a surprise to himself, he finds out at the end that he's not an ostrich and he can fly.
Jesse Eisenberg is the voice of the main character, Blu. He also stared in The Social Network as Mark Zuckerberg. He was really up to this interpretation. He considered playing Blu as being a cute and sweet character, raised in Minnesota and brought to Rio de Janeiro, fact that cused him such a huge change of culture. He was helped alot by the director, Carlos Saldanha, who is from Brazil. Also, during his interpretation, he felt the same emotions just like the character. So when Blu was put up to the flight situation, Jesse had to take part in playing the feelings of the bird, mostly after seeing what the animators had done in that specific scene.
The movie also contains lots of emotional breakthrough because of the relationship bounded between Blu and Linda and afterwards between Blu and Jewel. From here we can get to the other star of the movie, Anne Hathaway. She is also known for The Devil Wears Prada, Alice in Wonderland, and Love and other Drugs.
She stated:
'Singing has always been something that I've loved to do. I never thought about doing professionally; I always felt more drawn to acting. But, who knows? I mean, I’m doing things that I never, ever, ever thought I would do in front of a lot of people as well, and so anything is possible.'
The director Carlos Saldanha succeeds with this movie to bring out the fantasy and colors of Rio de Janiero culture. Most of the credit goes also to the animation crew who outdid themselves in bringing the idea of the movie on the big screen. They did such a great job.
In my opinion, this story wants to send more than just an adventure. As a parrot owner, I felt a strange feeling and an inner struggle that was convincing me to free my own pets. Most of this birds are caught by poachers and the way they are caught and the way they are sold it's very well described in the movie and makes you wonder if your pet had the same experience.
Altogether, the movie is excellent. Even as a grown up you will enjoy it. Even if your good mood is lost somewhere at work or at home, no problem amigos! This movie will bring it back to you in a jiffy.


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