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You need to lose your life in order to see how "biutiful" it is. Alejandro González Iñárritu captures this in a beautiful way in his film. The movie concentrates on Uxbal, a single father of two, who needs to put order in his life before he dies. He is actively involved in the life of  Barcelona's underground crimes.
Uxbal is interpreted by Javier Bardem who is well known for his appearances in Mar Adentro(The sea inside), Love in Time of Cholera and no Country for Old Men. He loves heavy metal music and he portraits himself as a worker not an actor. His interpretation in Biutiful is very profound, sending to the audience his feelings and keeping you in front of the screen up to end of the movie. He knows when to be desperate and acts like that. He knows when to be rough, he knows when and how to be aggressive and as the main character of this movie he was the perfect chose.
The Mexican and Spanish co-production was shot in Barcelona and took nearly 3 years of hard working to accomplish it, since the beginnings of the writing process. The director was absolutely spectacular by carrying the audience from one corner to another in order to create his magic piece of art. He takes the naturalism to extreme and thus creates a bonding with the audience at a certain point of the movie that didn't break until the end.
The movie is captivating in every sense. It presents an insight of corruption in Barcelona, involving African people who were selling cheap things for tourists and Chinese people working for their living and having as a house the basement of a warehouse. You can see the suffering of Uxbal when those Chinese people die because he bought the cheapest heaters; this is one of the most thrilling scenes in the movie. Even if Uxbal is diagnosed with cancer, he cares for his family as nothing happened and he's like a starving wolf with a starving family. He creates his own black labor empire just for his own survival. He bribes cops for African people, he finds labor for Chinese people in a construction site. The movie is complex and has lots of threads but the main things it underlines are: make peace with yourself before you die, leave your affairs clean and take care of the family you love. Altogether, the movie faces the viewer with death in such a way that no movie that I've ever seen does.
It's a "must see movie" from which you can learn a lot and a movie about which you can create references. It's an example of living art, the art of loving people.


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