Pirates of Caribbean: On Strange Tides

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I eagerly awaited this movie. For it I prepared myself with all Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I watched them and I loved them.
The movie director Rob Marshall has done a good job. But he forgot one thing that 'This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!' and this is a movie where the captain escapes twice, I mean how can you forget such a thing. That's a minus for the movie.
There is to much of SF in this movie. Captain Blackbeard is some kind of magician when he's on his ship, he knows it and he acts like it. I like the way he inspires fear to all around him even to the audience. The movie theater went mute at his first appearance. I liked the way Rob Marshall inspires fear in that scene. I think is a memorable scene and can only be compared with the scene where Elizabeth Swann exits Barbossa room on Black Pearl in the first movie of the series.
The movie keeps the arrogant manner in which Jack Sparow treats his friends or enemies. And also keeps it's funny rhythm and jokes of Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow. The main character is one of the best pirates in the Caribbean seas, but he's without a ship and a crew and I think this is suited for a Captain acting like Jack Sparrow. I can only say that Depp is playing the role of Jack Sparrow and Captain Jack Sparrow is a wannabe pirate. Most likely Barbossa is a real pirate captain, he behaves like one. Also one important thing about Jack Sparrow is that he avoids commitments. We can talk hours about Jack and his adventures.
One pleasant presence is the one of Angelica Malon played by Penélope Cruz. She is the ex-girlfriend of Jack Sparrow also the most probably the only woman for witch Jack has feelings as discovered by Gibbs. She doesn't really fit in this movie, she isn't the type of actress that let's go on the stage, she is to romantic for a pirate movie.
The story continues from the las episode At world's end when Jack embarks on a quest for finding The Fountain of Youth. After Jack escapes from Barbossa and his Englishmen soldiers he finds himself captured on Blackbeard ship. Where he tries an unsuccessful mutiny only to find the power of Blackbeard. Everyone embarks on the same quest The Spanish, The English led by Barbossa and The Pirates led by Blackbeard.
To clarify things Barbossa embarks on this quest only to kill Blackbeard who captured The Black Pearl and made him lose a leg, Spanish embark only to destroy the fountain, Blackbeard and his daughter Angelica want to get rid of a premonition that said an crippled men will kill Blackbeard and Jack is working alone to get his ship back from Blackbeard and gain immortality.
The fights are not so spectacular but they are filled with lots of funny moments.
I won't tell who succeeds on their quest I will let you see the movie.


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