Alice in Wonderland

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I am a great, great fan of both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. They worked great together in some masterpieces of our time like, Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow and Ed Wood. And they are great even when they don't work together like Pirates of the Caribbean(Johnny Depp) and Batman(Tim Burton).
Depp brings a great contribution to Tim Burton's dark creative visions to life in films ranging from animation to horror. Johnny never choses a role based on the possible success of the movie, he has chosen roles which he found interesting. Most of the roles that Johnny Depp played under Tim Burton direction represented one of Burton's personality, a certain pattern or a conflict inside his ego. Mad Hatter is a rather important character in Alice in Wonderland, he is crazy, wacky but most important he meets Alice when she shows up in Wonderland. He loves having tea parties with his best friend, the March Hare, and the Dormouse.
Alice in Wonderland has won 2 Oscars, Best Achievement in Art direction and Best Achievement in Costume Design. Even though it must be appreciated by the press and the critics the movie is very criticized and poorly rated. Why do I like Alice in Wonderland?
First of all is a different view of the same story that is told in many ways.This kind of morbid horrifying thing is an excellent view for older folks and the one's who appreciate art, not for little child's for which the story told by their parents or read in the books should be the best way to get in the Wonderland world.
I must add that Tim Burtons direction and experience with horror movies is a great benefit to the movie view. I don't really recommend it to children's, I can't recommend any of Tim Burton movies to children's, even if I was a child when I saw many of his movies. The movie bears Burton's fingerprint. You can see it in the decorations, costumes and story. You can even smell the movie. The movie sends both smiley's and fear. The felling that you have when you see this movie is making it a great one.
Third is Johnny Depp acting is unique every time he plays a character in some movie you have to see him. He is funny, he is enjoyable, he is great, he is a monster, he is whatever you like. Seeing movies with Depp is a relaxing thing to do on a daily basis. His role The Mad Hatter is just great because Johnny Depp is not just a pretty face. He really explored the tragedy of The Mad Hatter. We all know that he's essentially insane, sad and confused about the world around him and Depp succeeds bringing that in front of the audience throughout the movie.
Mia Wasikowska a native Australian is playing her first important character. The character suffers a Tim Burton adaptation, Alice is no longer the precocious girl we're using to seeing and hearing about in popular culture. She's an adult dealing with some serious challenges regarding her future. Waskiowsca used her own interpretation of that struggle to make her version of the character truly unique. Alice is at this time in her life where lot of people experience something that she's going through. She is very stressed and feels that she doesn't belong in her family so the story is about reconnecting her with her own beliefs. She reread the books in order to have an adult version of the story in mind and see the difference between reading them as a young girl.
Mia states that she loved working with Tim Burton:

'Tim’s really trusting as a director so from the minute that you know you’re cast, you just feel a lot of trust and freedom and collaboration as well, which is sort of all you can ask for.'
Helena Bonham Carter career is in a closer relationship with both Tim Burton and Jhonny Depp as she starred in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Big Fish, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and eventually in Alice in Wonderland. She also stared in Fight Club and Harry Potter series playing as Bellatrix Lestrange and got an Oscar for her interpretation in supporting role for The Kings Speech. She tackled a wide range of characters. She’s been the sweet optimistic girl, the careless free-spirit, and the beautiful sex symbol. In Alice she stars as the frightening villain, which makes you wonder if there’s a specific type of role she gravitates towards more than the other. 2009 sets her in The Times top 10 British Actresses of all time.
She joined the cast in Alice in Wonderland as The Red Queen, the sole tormentor of Wonderland, who's been prophesied to fall from power at the hands of Alice. She's a caricature in ever sense of the word, but Carter has fun with it and makes her enjoyable to watch. She' a one woman show.  For this movie she wears a lot of makeup she also puts a bald cap on witch was rigorously painted and then the cream of the crop is the giant wig. An excellent play for Helena which was frightening enough to scary most of the child's.
The movie needs lots of attention to be seen. It's a like for the movie and a great movie to re-watch after a while.


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