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Have you ever thought about having superpowers? Do you know that we all have superpowers?
Our brain is our superpower and how we use it depends only on us. We can train to use our brain to 100%, or we can take pills to use it. However such overcharging of brain activity is dangerous for our body and life. Like anything we can buy using it to full power over a long period is exhausting and weakening the product. The same happens with our brain, if we use it to 100% over a long period of time it can break and we can loose our control.
Same thing happens to our main character.
The movie tackles the deepest of our human questions what if I use 100% of my body? The answer is exhaustion. Now the movie is not teaching us how to use our 100% of our brain is about a cynical world in which we are just slaves to the one who use it to 100%, but they are not trained to do this they use the brain due to a pill, which like an pill has great side effects. Let's get back to the movie shall we? The main character is a lazy son-of-a-bitch that it's trying his buts out in order to make a living and write a novel. Everything in his life is arranged until his girl-friend leaves him. Now since he has nobody to take care of him(he doesn't receive part of her money) he decides to go out and find a job, but he meets an old buddy in fact wasn't such an old buddy he was mos likely the brother of her ex-wife(so you can see why I called him a son-of-a-bitch), at this point in his life his life changes. That buddy gives him the pill, so he finishes the novel and wins loads of money... yeah if it was that easy. He runs out of pills so he gets back to his buddy, but finds him dead, he calls for the ambulance and you know the time that an ambulance needs to come for a call... he searches for the pills and finds them. Of course he hides them and takes them away. You can guess the reason for his buddy death? The pills of course. The rest of the movie should be for you to view>:).
The crew of this movie really does it. Neil Burger the director knows a little about the world of the movie, assassins, murders, evil guys, good guys. The scenario is familiar killing everybody else so he does a great work the story blends with the real world witch doesn't know about the mere existence of the pill.
Just to make the movie great we introduce to you the main actor, Bradly Cooper a star from the big and lousy Hollywood. He does a great piece of acting and blends with the rest of the crew. Most of them all he's handsome enough to be an artist who writers novels. A great pick for this movie he is.
Another great piece of add for this movie... interesting how to pick the cast in oder for peoples to see the movie, I only watched it for... Robert De Niro. All my respect to his work, I felt in love with his acting since Taxi Driver. He is great, he is phenomenal, and I don't think I am here to judge his work. So I will like you to evaluate it.


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