Fright Night

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I expected a horror movie for such a long time, and what I expect is to get me scarred. Fright Night indeed scared me.
At the beginning, I only seen some corpses and said to myself 'What a rubbish'. I wanted to leave, but I said what the heck I paid money to see the movie let's see if they worthed.
One thing that change the whole perspective of the movie was Colin Farrel. He is represented as the hot neighbor who will steal your girlfriend and your mother if he could. In fact he is a thirsty vampire who will turn your house into pieces in order to drink your blood and protect his species. I think Colin was a good choice for the role, he is the one who can keep the temperature of the room cold if he wants to. I am only seeing Colin as the actor to play in all kind of 'keep your temper' roles. Even when he smokes his cigarette or drink his beer he keeps his temper and acts naturally.
You really get scared and you need to keep yourself on the chair beacuse it induces fear into your bones.
For the main actor Anton Yelchin I have only words of praise. He kept his temper in many situations and acted cleanly through the movie. He also stared in Star Trek and Terminator Salvation. And yes Jerry is a terrible name for an vampire.
Craig Gillespie is the one who is directing this movie. He is not well known but he did a great job in remaking this classic movie.
Altogether you can go and be scared at this movie.


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