No Strings Attached

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From the executive producer of EuroTrip and the producer of Up in the Air (for whitch he had an Oscar nomination), Ivan Reitman, comes a new comedy called No Strings Attached. With notable names in the cast, like Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. The team between Ivan Reitman and Natalie Portman is crucial and one of the best of this movie.The director surprises the audience with this strictly physical relationship between a guy and girl.
This romantic comedy is great, funny to watch and gives you lots of ideas and reasons of thinking. The main catch is the relationship between Emma and Adam, which know each other since childhood. They met again now and they have one sort of secret physical relationship. Meanwhile, Adam is haunted by his father's marriage with his ex-girlfriend and by his father's career influence over his. One of the scene is when Emma comes with Adam at his father engagement "party" where Emma has some rough discussions with his father. However, they maintain the relationship physical until they realize that they love each other and can't live one without the other. Emma is the one who doesn't let her feelings go wild.
Natalie Portman is fit to act in this movie. I remember seeing the movie only for Natalie Portman which I think it's a great actress. However Natalie never played such a "bold" movie role before. She never showed her skin before maybe only in Black Swan( for which she got The Oscar award). She plays her role very well and induces you her feelings and her emotions regarding her relationship with Adam.
Ashton Kutcher is the one with problems and he can't control his feelings for Emma. He plays the role very well, from the movie you realize even from his look that he is in love with Emma. He wants more than a physical relationship and Ashton shows that very well in his role.
The dramatic turn-ups are well thought by Ivan Reitman, making them funny and unexpected.
What's really interesting is that the movie was written by a woman. It's a thing to see the characters evolution as the story unfolds. That's what surprises me a lot since I didn't have high expectations from the movie. At first sight the movie seems to be another teen movie.
It's a great film to watch with your girlfriend or family.


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