Hotel Rwanda

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I watched it over the weekend and I came to believe that it's a great movie. Signed by Terry George and Keir Pearson and inspired from the life of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who made himself useful for the tutsi during their struggle against hutu militia in Rwanda.
Beside Jean Reno there is no great name in the cast, even Jean Reno has a small part in the story. However the collective group of actors with the main character in front, Don Cheadle made a great movie.
When you see this movie you can actually feel all the pressure on the tutsi people. The movie sets you in the tutsi place, causing you to feel all the pain and suffering. Both the two hours are keeping you breathless and scared. The movie transmits all the emotions of the main character upon the viewers.
I won't tell the story of it here, watch it, it's a great 2 hour movie that makes you feel every action in it.
Great work for Terry and Keir who wrote it.


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