Puss in Boots

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Trough the whole movie I was caught by the story. The writing crew did a great job. But the main image that got stuck on my mind was the image of the boots... oh... the boots were just great. I could wear those boots for ever and ever again.
What surprised me was the appearance of "Kitty Soft paws", a sexy kitten with a black mind and without claws. I don't remember seeing her in any of the trailers I watched, so I was pleasantly surprised.
I'm not good with voices, sincerely I can see a men act and speak but when it's the voice of Antonio Banderas it's hard to rate the voice interpretation.
I think that both voices, Antonio Banderas' and Salma Hayek's were suited for their characters, and they got the applause they deserved.
Anyhow, Antonio Banderas is already a classic for the Puss in Boots voice as he stared for his voice in Shrek, on the other hand, Salma Hayek is at her debut with voice acting in the movie Puss in Boots.
The greatest influence in this movie was brought by the experienced director Chris Miller. I think that a guy with such an experience is entitled to direct this animation. What I really expect is to see the sequel.


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