The girl with the dragon tattoo

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I watched the movie last night and I find it very attractive.
Of course the movie is not for the ones under 18 years because it contains lot of explicit sex scenes. The movie is based on a Stieg Larsson novel. I can't compare the book with the movie, but the movie made me want to read the book. All the action takes place in Sweden and it's structured on 3 layers. The story is very complex and is nicely shown to the public.
Daniel Craig is doing his best in interpreting an magazine writer. The character is not very polished and I think that Daniel Craig is not fitted for this role. I always picture him as agent 007 so it's hard for me and maybe for others to see him in the posture of a harmless magazine writer.
Rooney Mara is the ugly girl with a dragoon tattooed on her back. And you actually get to see her whole back. Lisbeth Salander is a complex 23 years old girl with a violent background, which hates rapists. The conclusion on this is that she was abused by her father. Actually she is sexually abused in the movie by her social agent, but she thought him a lesson.
All in all the movie was great and kept you entertained till the end. One of the remarks I heard exiting the movie theater was "It totally worth it."
Enjoy the trailer.


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